We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, of Baghouse Leak Detection System, Leak Detection System for Baghouse and our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Leak detection system for bag house is the best tool to enhance the baghouse efficiency. For all bag house worries like …

  • - Higher Bag House maintenance cost.
  • - Reduced Bag life.
  • - Improper installation of new bags.
  • - Incomplete or improper welding of new tube sheet into the bag house.
  • - Higher emissions due to leakages.
  • - Difficulty in identifying the worn out bags.

Best solution lies ….
Only in conducting the leak detection test in time bound manner.
Leak detection System is simple and innovative way to detect pin holes which can’t be seen with naked eyes along with welding cracks in tube sheet. It consist of a simple and easy to handle tools like FLUROSCENT POWDER and Battery operated LED based Fluorescent Torch.

Reduction in overall bag house maintenance cost
After conducting the Leak Detection Test it is very easy to identify all the leakages in the bag house whether it is due to worn out bags, welding cracks or improper installation of bags & cages. This in turn if rectified will reduce the overall cost for bag house maintenance.

Reduction in labour cost requires for locating the defective bags
As all the leaks are identified in a very short span of time there is substantial reduction in deployment of labour for this purpose.

Increased bag life
If Leak Detection System is used as preventive maintenance tool for Bag House then all the won out bags are identified in time which in turn results in increasing the life of bags surrounding the identified worn out bags.

Helps in loacting welding cracks and incomplete welding
If the Tube Sheet is replaced and Leak Detection Test is conducted, it helps in locating the welding cracks and incomplete welding of the Tube Sheet with the main housing of the Bag House.

Helps in loacting the incorrect installation of bags, venturies and cages if any
There could be a manual error in fitting the bags in the tube sheet holes specially, in case of SNAP BAND type bag top which results in leakage even if all the bags installed are new.
If Leak Detection Test is carried out after every replacement of the bags then this problem is completely eliminated.

Availability of power in different colours eliminates all leakages
With different colours the test could be repeated immediately after rectification of existing leakages in shortest time span.